Lindsay- Altrincham

Hi my name is Lindsay and I have been attending Sean’s training for 3 years and in the first 12 months I lost 3.5 stone in weight and have increased my weight loss to a total of 4 stone and have maintained it.
Sean is a very supportive and motivational coach and is always challenging you to get the best out of you. If you live in or near Altrincham I would highly recommend you attend his training, this is the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life.
The training is for all fitness levels and Sean will assess your fitness on the first day you attend and will work with you and other to increase your levels of fitness, educate you about the types of food to eat to get in the best shape of your life.
Thank you Sean for the motivation and encouragement

Nicola- Altrincham
I have gone from a size 10 to a size 8 since joining. I have lost 6 pounds in fat and maintained this loss and toned up all parts of my body and I feel amazing. This has been achieved by eating healthier and attending the Body Transformation fitness Program at least 3 times a week. I like how the training is regularly reviewed by Sean and whilst its challenging it also fun. I would recommend to anyone who is bored of gyms and needs that little push and motivation.. What are you waiting for, go for it!

James – Altrincham

“I have been training with Sean for about 2.5 years and since that time I have lost 3.5 Stone and I feel amazing. One thing I would say it’s not all about training, it’s combining your training with nutrition and Sean helps you in both these areas. I would recommend Sean and his program to anyone who is bored of gyms and wants to get fit and feel happy about themselves, Sean encourages you every step of the way and its great to meet other people in a supportive environment. If you can’t make the training in the evening that’s not a problem because as a member you get complete access to online training programs that are easy to follow and adaptable to al fitness levels. Go for it”

Jade- Altrincham

“If you make full use of the structured programs and the daily updates provided by Sean on Facebook it’s a No Brainer. You don’t just get a class you get a dedicated trainer, social interaction and get to meet new friends. Its all about what YOU want to achieve, if you want to lead a new healthy lifestyle, improve your fitness and well being for life people should jump at the £59 monthly subscription. However if you want a quick fix weight-loss and not interested in changing your lifestyle or body long term then this isn’t for you. I tell all my friends about what Sean has done for me, the training and the 80/20 approach I have to my diet. I have achieved things in the past 2 years training with Sean I thought I would never achieve. It’s not always easy but I think it’s truly worth investing yourself, don’t you?


“I started training with Sean about 6 months ago and I am completely hooked! I really enjoy the motivation and support he offers and the structure of the programs are suited to a novice or a keen fitness nut like myself. I have tried gyms in the past but never felt I was pushing myself, Sean certainly does that and the passion he has to help you are achieve your goals is simply amazing! What more can I say apart from, I love the training, the people attending are great and look forward to attending every time”


“I’ll be honest I was a little apprehensive joining at first but the results say it all. The support from Sean has been absolutely fantastic… From all the emails, the structured training programs and food recipes, without this support I would have struggled. I have been a member for over two years would never consider joining a gym. Thanks Sean “


“I have been attending The Body Transformation Program for 2.5 Years and I have lost 25.4 Kilograms in weight (4 Stone). I feel so much happier in myself and confident and Sean is a fantastic trainer. Sean is extremely motivational and enthusiastic I would recommend his program to anyone of any fitness level who is looking to change his or her lives.

Do not compare this to a Gym, this is an environment where everyone motivates each other to succeed and the results I am achieving say everything. Thanks Sean-Bespoke Life The Body Transformation Program.”

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