A “diet”, strictly speaking, refers to a certain collection of food that a person chooses to consume. In this sense, we can consider everyone to be on a diet. But the accepted connotation of the term “diet” today, is a collection of food that is meant to help a person lose weight. This diet is closely linked to the amount of calories that a person deposits in his body. The basic idea is this: if a person eats less calories than his or her body uses, he or she will become thinner; and if the body eats more calories than what his or her body manages to use, he or she will become fat.

Growing fat is a concern of many adults and children would want to diet. They worry about the measurements of certain body parts but they forget about what genetics have given them. You see, not everyone has a perfect body. In fact, many artists (who study the human figure) tend to believe that the majority of the people in this world have imperfect bodies. Some are born with large frames or big bones and some are born with smaller frames. This is why a friend who is not really fat may look bigger than others simply because of his bone structure.

Adults may go on diet, but children should avoid weight loss diets unless prescribed by their Doctor. One of the reasons is that children are still growing and developing. Certain stages in growth will make you grow “fat” and this is normal. What children need are a variety of foods (try to remove processed meals completely  this is almost anything with a long shelf life)) that will supply all the needed vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates. Skipping meals and eating a lettuce-only meals would mean that you are supplying less nutrients to your body and you may get sick or your growth would be stunted. You may even develop serious conditions such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. Anorexic people cannot tolerate any food. Each time they put food in their stomach, the body reacts and vomits the food. Anorexic people are dangerously thin because they are already starving. Bulimic people, on the other hand, deliberately throw up the food they have eaten.

If your child thinks they are overweight, go and see your Doctor it is likely your Doctor may prescribe just becoming more active. Join physical sports. Jog or run, instead of walking towards home or to school. What you are trying to do is to burn more calories. Okay, some children may appear too fat that it is no longer healthy. But drastic dieting won’t help. What parents need to do is to consult a doctor. Your Doctor can give the proper advise on how to gain weight at a slower pace, without risking your childs health.

Children should forget about drastic weight loss diets. They should focus on becoming healthier, stronger and always, always, happier, as parents try to provide the support they need.

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