Do You Want To Get Rid Of Stubborn Body Fat, Be Stronger, Fitter, Feel Fantastic, Sleep Better and No Mid Afternoon Energy Crashes?







We Are About To Launch our Exclusive 6am Club  on the 9th November for 10 Men in Sale or the surrounding areas that struggle to find the time to exercise throughout the day.

Sessions will be Small Group Personal Training on a 4 week Transformation Programme and will run for 40mins on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Most Men will see this post and their immediate response will be “Who would be crazy enough to get up and go and exercise at 6am?”


This Offer Then Is Not For You!



Does any of the following describe YOU?

  • Tight Fitting Trousers
  • Out of Breath Moments when walking up and down the stairs or walking to and from your car
  • Energy Crashes Mid-Afternoon
  • Poor Sleep
  • Hold Your Stomach In When You Look In The Mirror
  • Desperately Want to Make a Positive Change For YOU but don’t know how to
  • Want to be less irritable with the kids and family and be more confident in the way you look
  • Tried the Gyms and They Never Seem To Work
  • Worked with Personal Trainers and no matter what you tell them they cannot empathise with you
  • Make the wrong food choices and need support and guidance

I can relate to all of the above because this was me 10 Years ago, travelling up and down the motorways eating and drinking whatever I could whilst on the go and I decided to change and I have never looked back.

Nothing will be held back in this programme:

  • Nutrition and Meal Plans for the busy Male
  • 100% Support from your Personal Trainer
  • Access to a Private Support Network On Facebook
  • Challenging but achievable workouts (focusing on gaining bigger biceps, slimmer waist and  a flatter stomach, No Handles)
  • Drop a clothes size in time for Christmas
  • Realistic goals will be set and smashed
  • Discovering the right mindset to achieve all this and then continue with lifelong healthy habits when the programme has finished




Places are strictly limited to 10 spaces and will be on a first come first served basis. If this sounds like the jump start you really need to get your body and mind into the best ever shape in 2015 and beyond then complete the following form and follow the email opt-in to schedule a call with me.


So if you Aged 30-51:

  • Want  Bigger Biceps, Flatter Stomach
  • Are Looking To Lose At Least One Clothes Size
  • Looking To Melt Away The Pounds
  • Want A Stronger, Physique and a positive excuse to change your wardrobe
  • Look and Feel 5 Years Younger
  • Can Dedicate 40 Minutes, 3 Times A Week To Exercise
  • Can Travel To Sale

If The Answer Is Yes To The Above then apply NOW!

The 6AM Mens Club is limited to 10 Places!  If You Do Not Want To Invest Time To Change Your Body Shape, Improve Your Fitness and have a positive outlook on Life Then Do Not Apply. 

Each applicants form will be reviewed and a scheduled telephone  call arranged .


Fill out my online form.