• Q: What is the Body Transformation Program?

    A: The Body Transformation Program is not about a trainer shouting making you feel intimidated or nervous, it’s about working with YOU and like minded people wanting to transform their bodies, motivating each other, working as a team all having fun while melting away the pounds and getting into the best shape of their lives! Just imagine having your very own Personal Trainer at the fraction of the cost helping you achieve your goals but in a group environment. The Body Transformation Program is a monthly paid program and each training session lasts approximately 50 minutes. You can attend up to 5 training sessions per week from the where and when page. You will get exclusive access to our members only website which will give you all of the latest nutritional advice, healthy eating plans and exercise videos for you to do at home. Unlike attending a Gym we change the Body Transformation Program every 4 weeks to ensure you are continually challenged and continue burning fat improving your fitness with noticeable results.

  • Q: How Much Does The Body Transformation Program Cost?

    A: Our 28 Day Body Transformation Program is £59 payable in advance, this means that at just under £3 per class you will be working with a Personal Trainer for a fraction of the cost by exercising in a group, basically if you were to train with me, 3 times a week on a 1-1 basis for a whole month, you’d be paying at LEAST £400. Based upon 12 sessions a month. You will also get full access to our member’s only area to include an exercise video library and nutritional plans, goal setting downloads that are provided to 1-1 clients and much much more.

  • Q: Do You Offer Discounts And Referral Rewards?

    A: We offer our Clients a fantastic referral rewards for bringing their friends. If you refer 1 friend that joins you get your next Body Transformation Program half price, refer 2 friends and you don’t pay a penny, so the more you refer and join the less you pay, just think you may never have to pay full price again.

    If you wish to pay for a 12 months membership upfront, please contact your trainer for more information.

  • Q: Why Can’t I Just Pay For Each Session I Attend?

    A: Yes we offer a pay as you go option at £6 per session but When just turning up to exercise you won’t see results, you need to be exercising at least 3 X 50 minute sessions per week to get results and they need to be structured just like the Body Transformation Program, we want to help you achieve the body that you’ve always dreamed of, we wouldn’t be able to offer our full money back guarantee if you were missing sessions, by paying upfront makes you accountable for attending each session. If it doesn’t challenge you it will not change you!

  • Q: Will The Body Transformation Program be Too Hard For Me?

    A: This is a question I get asked often. It doesn’t matter if your fitness levels are currently low, almost everything we do will have a modified, easier to progressive version. You must be prepared to work hard but still only within your levels as everyone is different. If you have any health/medical concerns we will be happy to discuss with you confidentially during the initial consultation. Remember to get results it has to challenge YOU, if it doesn’t challenge you it will not change your mental and physical appearance.

  • Q: What will I be doing?

    A: A huge variety of different exercises to work the whole body using a mixture of equipment and levels of intensity to get the best results in the shortest period of time. The main piece of equipment we use in The Body Transformation Program is your own bodyweight for resistance, along with the best functional pieces of equipment like kettlebells, Resistance bands, Battling ropes and boxing fitness sessions (Don’t worry you wont be hitting each other), there’s nothing like hitting the pads for stress relief and fat blasting. All whilst having FUN and burning tons of calories!

  • Q: What happens if it rains?

    A: Our classes are held indoors in the week so no need to worry, if you attend the weekend class outdoors, bring a waterproof jacket, a hat and a pair of gloves… A little rain never hurt anyone

  • Q: What do I need to bring?

    A: A sweat towel, bottle of water, an exercise mat if you have one, where the appropriate sportswear and a CAN DO ATTITUDE. We will provide the motivation encouragement and fun training program.

  • Q: I’m in where do I sign up?

    A: Click Here  and buy it now. Once we receive your payment you will be sent an email confirming receipt of order and information ready to start your Body Transformation Program.

    All ongoing payments from the first payment taken will be paid by standing order. Here Is the form detailing what you need to do and how to set up your standing order

  • Q: What is the cancellation policy?

    A: There are no contracts in place however, if you decide to cancel your standing order you are requested to give 28 days notice of from the date of cancellation.

    It is your responsibility to cancel your standing order and not Bespoke Life Ltd or its employees, if you fail to cancel you may be billed and no refund will be given

If you wish to discuss anything prior to booking please call Sean on 07590 919881 or fill in your details on the contact us page