Ok this is something really close to me. Why? Well because I have struggled with severe depression for over 20 years and only recently in 2015 I finally came to accept this as an illness than something like a headache, you take a pill and all of a sudden it disappears. The truth of the matter is that if you have suffered or are suffering (or know someone) with depression you no longer have to hide it away and suffer in silence. Its was seen as a taboo subject and you may of have friends telling you to pull yourself together or saying things like “what have you got to worry about “. Ignorance is certainly out there but it is getting better and if you feel your world is crumbling around you seek professional help immediately from your GP. I did and although depression will never completely go away I hope some day to understand the triggers and be able to manage it.


Exercise and depression what about it? As a FitPro and someone suffering from depression I am not going to tell you in technical jargon but just to say if anything, exercise helps you break the cycle of looking internally at yourself (Why Me) and becoming more depressed. It helps me in so many ways from feeling good about myself, sleeping better helping me control my appetite, as you will know the meds for depression can give you some uncontrollable sugary cravings and even surges in energy therefore channeling this excess energy into exercise can only be a positive thing.



All of my clients know I struggle with depression and I came out of the closet (so to speak) sometime ago, it was a risk but I felt I had to share with them. The response I had was overwhelming and I found out a number of my clients also struggle with depression and anxiety so please do not suffer in silence, you are not alone, hold your head up high, seek professional advice and accept you have an illness. If possible attend a fitness class, trust me I think you will enjoy it. If you live in the Altrincham and Sale area feel free to email me and if I can help you from a fitness perspective I will do my best for you. Good Luck and break the cycle.

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