These 10 simpimagele ideas will really help you slim down in your lunch hour.
1.Get up 30 minutes earlier or prepare your lunch the night before, be creative, why not spice your lunch up by using a dry rub on a chicken fillet, cook the night before and have with a green salad and a boiled egg.



2. If you Travel to work by Bus, why not walk to the Bus stop before the stop you usually get and get off before the usual stop you get off. If you drive to work park the car further away from the entrance to work.


3. Cycle to Work. In the autumn it’s usually the driest time of year so why not cycle to work. If you haven’t got a bike see if your company has a cycle to work scheme, if they do it’s a great way to buy a bike t the fraction of the cost.


4. If you have to take a business lunch do not eat the bread. Bread can bloat your stomach, have soup, a green salad or drink still water. Go for meal with no cream in it.


5. If having a buffet downsize on the puff pastry and sausage rolls and replace with salad and vegetables first then add meat or fish


6. Rather eat at your lunch at your desk at work go for a power walk, take your lunch and maybe eat in a park near to where you work. A change of scenery is always good.


7. Don’t be the Wolf at lunch! Research shows by chewing food not only does it aid digestion it makes us more full and we get to actually taste the food we are eating and it becomes pleasurable.


8. Therapy Shopping. Why not treat yourself to a well earned shopping trip, take time walking round the shops and rather than taking the escalator with our shopping bags try walking upstairs with shopping bags, it’s a great little cardio workout and you will activate your core muscles as well!


9. Express Fitness Class. More and more gyms and Boot Camps are offering express workouts for the busy worker, go online and try and find a 30minute express workout. You will really look forward to that lunch and will keep you nice and fresh for the rest of the day.


10. Team up with a work colleague and why not go for a powerwalk. It’s a great way to catch-up on gossip whilst torching the calories as well.


These are simple but effective ways of getting lean at lunch. Go on give it a go.



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